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Next Match:03 Sep 2014 00:20Syrianska FC v GAIS Goteborg
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Points ur awarded as follaes:
  • 0 Points for predicting the correct number of goals by at least one team.
  • 0 Points for predicting the correct number of goals for the home team.
  • 0 Points for predicting the correct number of goals for the away team.
  • 3 Points fur a richt score. i.e. ye spae 3-1 and the ootcome is 3-1.
  • 1 Point fur a correct ootcome. Ye spae 1-1, the score is 2-2.
Goal Difference
  • Fur ilk richt teams nummer of goals ye score, ye git that nummer o +goals. e.g. ye spae 2 and the team scores 2, ye git +2 goals.
  • Fur ilk wrang nummer o goals ye spae per team, ye tyne the difference in goals. e.g. ye spae 3 and the team scores 2, ye git -1 goals.
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Prediction Stats
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Syrianska FC v GAIS Goteborg
1-0 Percentage 50% [7]
2-1 Percentage 14.2% [2]
1-2 Percentage 7.1% [1]
0-0 Percentage 7.1% [1]
0-2 Percentage 7.1% [1]
2-0 Percentage 7.1% [1]
0-1 Percentage 7.1% [1]
Monthly Winner
Aah52ff308 10
malikul 10
erigita1922 10
andreasrudi 9
aah5283131 9
Batigol 9
aah52ff680 8
wawannoe 8
lotus 8
aah52ee738 8
Team StatsWDL
Greuther Furth100
GIF Sundsvall100
HIFK Helsinki100
Ilves Tampere100
St. Patricks Athletic100
Rio Ave100
Mjondalen IF010
FC Vestsjaelland001
FC Jazz001
St. Pauli001
Assyriska 001
JJK Jyvaskyla001
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